Adalsys has had over 10 years of experience in the UK and international carrier markets and have provided a range of solutions to a large portfolio of customers.

Business processes

Here we look at the processes and procedures required to carry out a particular business need. They include:

  • Carrier Interconnect management in the UK for BT, C&W, Telewest and Verizon to name but a few.
  • PATS: Support and extension of services and responsibilities to reach the Publicly Available Telephone System, a status of UK operators that grant Geographic Number Portability (GNP).
  • GNP: Process setup and management
  • Emergency & DQ Services: Service establishment and interface coding.
  • Route management: Paperwork required to get lines, whether E1 or VOIP, between different carriers like C&W, BT, Worlcom, …)
  • Number provisioning, Geographicals, PRS, Local, National, Mobile and Voip.

Carrier Billing

There is not much point in building something if you can’t account for it. Here, we have helped quite a few companies with.

  • BT Billing analysis and sanity checks.
  • Individual carrier reporting.
  • Specific reporting needs.

Switching / VOIP

This is the backbone of the telecommunications networks. They often implicate dealings with multinationals of the size of BT, Telefonica, or Deutsch Telecom. Here we offer:

  • National / International route setting using SS7, ISDN, H.323 and SIP.
  • Switch management
  • Emergency procedures
  • Documentation


As the technology evolves, IVR services have been getting more demanding and dependent on a external machines like web and database servers distributed across the globe to provide an ever growing portfolio of services.

We have created a very large number of services including:

  • Calling card and calling card with SMS integration services
  • Record and Play, competition and PNS services
  • Psychic with remote web management facilities.

This is not an extensive list. IVR services change on a per request basis. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


The Short Message Service is now a good and valid charging solution as well as a marketing tool for broadcasting products and services. We have developed through the years interfaces with the major mobile operators like Vodafone or O2 and lately through aggregators. The range of solutions include:

  • Ringtones and logo platforms. The first one as early as 2001, probably one of the first automated Ringtone and Logo delivery systems in the UK.
  • Interfaces for aggregators: To allow smaller customers to connect to the aggregator and queue / format the messages to be forward delivered to the mobile operator such as Vodafone.
  • Web controlled SMS chat, Horoscopes and other tailored services.
  • Custom built billing applications for reverse charged sms’s.