Good Management Is Predictive Management Not Reactive Management

Project management

Throughout the years, we have tackled a large number of projects. Some were finished in a few days; others have taken over a year. All of them have one thing in common; the more controlled the environment, the higher the chance of success. We use the PRINCE2 methodology along with project management software tools to help us through the process.

If your company has a particular project of any size or form and you would like some assistance towards its completion, please get in touch with us. We would be delighted to help.

Recruitment consultancy

When a company starts a new department or it expands on to a particular field they did not have expertise on, we found that management would benefit from a versed professional on the area required to help on the selection and recruiting process to ensure that the candidate selected met the criteria and future requirements for the job.

Considering that the IT industry is changing faster than ever, this is sometimes quite a complex process.

Throughout the years, we have evaluated a large number of candidates for positions ranging from 1st line support to management and elaborated interviews, to see through the candidates.


We have built quite a few applications and put together quite complicated systems throughout the years and as a result we have had to train individual users and entire departments on usage, maintenance and expansions. As a follow up, we provide training in all the areas we cover, from general procedure following to programming lessons, including good coding techniques and documentation.

Change management

This is perhaps the most sensitive of all management issues. Its an old saying. Things change, sometimes faster than we would like them to. We have found that is easier in many cases to bring an external source to assist, suggest new ways or carry out the business process re-engineering or re-organization of a technical department than to do it completely in-house.

Do get in touch with us if you would like a second opinion or assistance with your change program.