Nowadays it seems that everything is about good networking. if your organization depends heavily on networking, we can help with the architecture, by providing a few pointers on how to set up anything from a basic to a large network composed of several routing devices.

If you need to extend or enhance your infrastructure or are considering co-location in any of the European data centers, we can help you with the process or run the project entirely for you. We can build to specification Web, e-mail, file servers, streaming platforms or any other specific hardware requirements. We can also arrange for bandwidth, routing, firewall security and VPN setup.

If you just need some web space and a domain, we can set the whole thing up for you by using any of our partners providing shared hosting. This is a very easy way to give your brand new company or idea a web presence. Our charges here are next to nothing!

We can also assist in designing your webpage by putting you in touch with a web development company.