Above all, we are programmers. We love designing and building software, is the key to understanding IT and a healthy exercise.

Tailor made

  • Cheap and Quick applications: We have seen very many times that life can be made a lot easier if we had a small application that was available to do a particularly repetitive task like composing email addresses from names and last names, or to clean unwanted characters, or to pass a text file to excel. Thought the years we have built hundreds of these small apps, sometimes made of a bunch of lines of code in dos or UNIX shell. If you find out you are doing the same task over and over again, we could put something together for you so it’s done as a single click. Cheap and quick apps are normally put together in anything from 5 minutes to a few hours.

  • Single PC apps: This is the next stage from the cheap and quick, where the application has a larger set of requirements and requires a bit (sometimes a lot) more work. We have built file crypters and converters, text editors, stock management apps and so on.

  • Networked applications: Here is where the application is put in a server and accessed simultaneously by users, some times in the thousands. They are normally supported by a DB backend and wrapped around a management interface or CMS. These are the most complex of the lot and usually require several simple applications including shell scripts + db programming + OS / Web server integration. All E-Commerce sites fall under this category and here we have put together countless of billing options working with content serving.

Programming Languages

Throughout the years we have used a variety of languages, including assembly back in the 386 days. Nowadays we specialize in Java, PHP and PERL to build our apps. We also frequently use shell programming (on dos and unix) to make our apps run more efficiently.

For flash streaming, we use quite a bit of ActionScript.

Operating Systems

The great thing about the programming languages we’ve chosen is that they are OS independent and are friendly towards licensing with no royalties.